So I wonder where all of these wild rumors (first heard in February 22nd's Hearsay comic) about CM start?  And who is Joey talking to in Panel 2?  Hmmm?

I asked the venerable Mr. Frank M. Hansen to draw up some sketches of the Checkered Man per the eyewitness descriptions from the underworld low-life's of Exotic City.  Frank went all out and sent me some amazing sketches (I will definitely have to share them with you someday)!  Even though I hadn't originally planned to use these composite sketches at this moment; after seeing them I couldn't help but bump up their appearance to make it into the strip sooner!  Look how scary CM looks!  Yikes!  No wonder Exotic's underworld is shaking in their boots!

For those of you aren't familiar with Frank's work check out his webcomic The Animatic Press at or his personal site at