For anyone that's counting, last Thursday's strip was #100, which makes today's strip #101. That leaves us only three more comics to go before we close the door on the rookie year of the Tales of a Checkered Man.

So before we wrap things up for the year and get the ball rolling on year two, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank one of my biggest behind-the-scenes influences my fiancée, the lovely Ms. Jillian Kurtz. Today's strip borrows much of its dialog from one of her most favorite films, the holiday classic, A Christmas Story.

This one was all for you kiddo.

During the summer of 2010, Jillian and I took a little weekend vacation for our anniversary to Cleveland, Ohio and swung by the A Christmas Story House & Museum. The proof is in the picture of the nerdy cartoonist poking his chubby face through the Ralphie stand-up thingy found on the museum's second floor. What's surely missing from the photo is the audible giggling of said fiancée as she snapped this photo.