You may remember from the strip "Joey the Sloth pt.3" (from 8/17/10) that Sgt. Mulveny had a wife named Gladys.  Sadly, she has passed away.  Few people know that the Sarge met his wife when he was a young rookie cop at this very diner where she was working.  Roxy's Diner was an Exotic City institution--the young cop would purposefully frequent the eatery just to catch an eye full of his future bride-to-be.  Years later, after they were long married, the diner went out of business and then sat vacant for many years.  Gladys always wished they could buy the old place and fix it up for something to do once they were retired.

The exterior of the building itself was modeled after Ann Arbor's own diner institution, the Fleetwood Diner located downtown on the corner of Liberty and South Ashley St.  The name (Roxy's Diner) comes from my dog, Roxy.