Chippy from "Chippy & Loopus" by John Sanford

Recently the topic of cursin' and adult content came up over in the blog of John Sanford's great webcomic Chippy & Loopus.  I won't go into the full details of the two blog entires--if you're interested go read them here:

Dirty Words Part 1
Dirty Words Part 2

This topic of discussion seemed particularly relevant as Jillian and I stared at the original scripted version of this strip (which originally contained lots of cussin') on Sunday afternoon.  It didn't read like a TOACM strip and I was a little worried.  I was originally hoping for more of an impact with the cussin' but instead, even with the curse symbols, something just didn't feel right.  Luckily for me, my fiancée is a very talented writer in her own right and by putting our heads together we edited the strip down into a much more concise, fluid read--and sans cussin'.