I love comics, and I love what they can do as a unique storytelling medium. An example of which can be found in panel four of today's strip. "What's so special about this panel," you may ask. Well IMHO, it all has to do with timing.

CM's fist pump/celebration is slightly out of sync with the mugger getting clocked in the head vs. the speed of which the ammo would have left CM's slingshot and reach its target. There are various actions/reactions happening within this single frame to create one unified moment despite them being out of sync with one another.

I'd like to say I planned this from the word go, but alas that would be a lie. It wasn't until I was lettering this strip I realized what I'd done. I won't intellectualize it further. I'm no Scott McCloud. And speaking of Scott...if you'd like to read more about the theory of timing and the passage of time in comics you should check out Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics (chapter 4, pg.94) for far more thorough (and intelligent) analysis.

Also, please enjoy the work-in-progress snapshot below: