"When questioned on the subject of superhumans, most point to me and say that I was the first of our kind. Many believed I possessed powers and abilities that made me more-than-human, but they were incorrect. I was not superhuman, I was simply the best human--mankind at its natural zenith. My highly trained mind and body reached the point of absolute perfection. This was surely the catalyst for such inaccurate perceptions about my prowess in the minds of lesser men. Men who labelled me as a "superman." My natural curiosity, and considerable means took me around the world on numerous adventures and reports of my exploits brought me into the public eye and whet the world's appetite for "superheroes."

Soon there were others. The news-hounds looked high and low for colorful persons of interest to match my considerable popularity in which to sell their papers. Every major metropolitan newspaper across the country appeared to have found a hometown hero to call their own. It was inevitable, I suppose, that we would eventually cross paths. I met both Air-Girl and Crimson Skull by these means at a press conference in Washington D.C., where we posed for photos and made a public pledge to use our great abilities to uphold the American way of life. Afterward, we went about our separate business. However, with tensions building across Europe, we were summoned before President Roosevelt and asked to take part in a secret military operation overseas. Grim Detective and White Rose joined Air-Girl, Crimson Skull and I on the intelligence-gathering mission. However, by the conclusion of the operation, two-thirds of us made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

It was this mission that would set the gears into motion...I would assemble an organized league of masked adventurers.  Thus, the Felon-Fighters were born."

-Doc Fury

Hope you enjoyed this comic strip! Check out a couple work-in-progress snapshots below: