Original unused panel two for TOACM #125

I had a lot of fun putting this particular comic together. I hope it shows. It was a bit of a logistical struggle, and eventually I'll probably nit-pick it to death, but as I type these comments I'm pretty content. I'm posting this almost two hours late (i.e. 2am EST) but I'm happy with the OT work I put into it. Late into the evening I completely changed panel two and later still re-drew panel seven as well. One of my "goals" on TOACM was to press on and not let myself get hung up on every little detail, but in this case I ignored my own guidelines in what I felt were necessary changes that had an impact on storytelling. I don't want to cheat and tell you everything that happens behind the curtain here, so put it out of your mind and please just enjoy a strip I put a lot of sweat into.

I hope the story is unraveling nicely for you...I'm really proud of what I have planned over the next month.

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Thanks folks! See you next week!