And so it begins...or should I say ends?

The Crime Gang Cometh mini-arc will unfold over the next three weeks and will wrap up the Newsflash storyline at the end of the month.

So what's in store for our plaid protagonist?

I cannot say, nor will I reveal the title to the next chapter in the series. Let me say only that things are changing...things will change...and not change for change's sake. Trust me, I'm not rebooting the entire comic starting with a brand new #1...that's just a silly idea...who'd ever do a goofy thing like that?

No, I promise a fun all-new, all-different type of Tales of a Checkered Man adventure in July! Just wait!

I'm excited! I hope you're excited too!


PS: Don't go just yet! Check out this work-in-progress snapshot below: