UPDATE: My apologies to everyone who left comments on this strip. WP/CP was playing tricks on me and in an attempt to correct the situation I accidentally deleted the entire post--comments and all. Whoops! There were two "ghost" duplicate files that caused some issues here, but Brandon and I have corrected the situation. Thank you for your patience.


Well folks, so ends the NEWSFLASH storyline! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it!

Stay tuned next week for two awesome guest strips as I take a small break, get caught up on some stuff, and gear up for the next chapter in the Tales of a Checkered Man beginning with the title card reveal on 7/10 and the first entry into that story on 7/12!

Here once again is a piece of development artwork (i.e. scribbles) in regards to today's strip. You can see that I actually wrote pt.5 and pt.6 together as one longer comic by the circled numbers scattered about the page.

Notations (1) through (6) were thumbnails for pt.5 and (7) through (9) ended up in today's strip. Notice how clean the lines are and how well organized my thought process is... Yeah right! For those of you out there that seem to dig this sort of jazz, I would like you to know that the above image includes some foreshadowing into the future. Next week? No. Next month? No, but trust me in saying I love to drop hints as to developments that will be coming on down the road and this image has a couple doozies!