Back in June, Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance published a well-written article about the Big Two (i.e. Marvel and DC Comics) getting into the realm of webcomics. There's some very compelling numbers behind the hits a popular webcomic receives per day versus the number of issues sold of a "successful" comic book.Here's the first two paragraphs from the article for you:

Over the past several years, attracting new readers to comics has become the most important question that mainstream super-hero genre has to face. Sales numbers have been falling across the board for quite some time, and DC Comics has even taken the drastic measure of relaunching their entire line with over fifty brand-new first issues in hopes of luring in the readers that they aren't getting today.

But here's the thing: While the super-heroes of the printed page are suffering, there are millions of people in the world reading, loving and supporting comics on the web every day, while the #1 monthly superhero comic barely cracks 100,000 -- if it's lucky. So with that in mind, why aren't DC and Marvel producing webcomics? And the more I think about it, the more it seems like it could be a pretty easy experiment to test out, with almost no risk and the potential for a huge payoff.

Read the remainder of the article here.

So what do you think?

I for one haven't read monthly comics for several years now. First and foremost they cost too darn much for what I get out of them. It's just not a good investment of my money at this time IMHO. This ties directly into the second reason, I'm not finding a lot of material from the big two I'm interested in spending my money on. I'm sorry big two...I don't care about your Blackest Secret Schism Identity Crisis War and all the scads of continuity laden tie-ins you're pushing this quarter...

So would I read free Marvel or DC webcomics? Well, I'd certainly give them a look. However, once again, it all comes down to the appeal. Would I read a Spidey webcomic just because its Spidey and online for free? Not if it doesn't hold my interest.

This type of thinking lead Lauren Davis over at Gamma Squad to reached out to several superhero webcomics creators (of which I was one) to get their opinion and ideas they would pitch to the big two. Read the full article here: or just read my excerpt below:

Denver Brubaker, who pays homage to pulp mystery men with Tales of a Checkered Man, would love to see seven webcomics each from Marvel and DC – one for each day of the week. For Marvel, he also nominates Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius for one of the slots. As for his top pitches, he offers one for each publisher:

SUPERBUDDIES (DC Comics): Follow Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and friends (Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Fire, Mary Marvel, and L-Ron the robot) as they tackle time-bending villains, horrible monsters, ruthless criminals and, of course, working with one another! Think the fun adventure and biting, outrageous humor of Futurama and you can begin to see what I envision for the Superbuddies! You can see a quick doodle of the cast here in my deviantArt gallery or a fun Beetle and Booster gag as well.

THE ADVENTURES OF MOON BOY AND DEVIL DINOSAUR (Marvel Comics): Follow the heroic exploits of the Devil Dinosaur and his lil’ pal Moon Boy as they defend Dinosaur World from all manner of strange and mysterious creatures. Imagine a Hanna-Barbara action/adventure cartoon in webcomic form and you should begin to get the idea… Watch as Devil and Moon Boy inexplicably face several classic Marvel monsters such as the Brute That Walks, Gargantus, Googam, Moomba, and Zzutak and many more!

Well there you have it! Enjoy and please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! Thanks!