“Most of American life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went.” -John Updike

I just want to be perfectly clear to you all how difficult of a decision it was for me to put the strip on hiatus back in August. One of the first things I remember during my early development days on Tales of a Checkered Man was how frustrating webcomics were for people when they got invested in the characters or story when, suddenly, the comics would update infrequently, cease production, or go on hiatus and never return. It’s frustrating as a reader, I know, because it has happened to me as well on some webcomics I enjoyed very much. Webcomics can come and go just like monthly print comics do. Have you ever followed a new comic series that you absolutely loved only to have it cancelled after just a few issues? Do you see the parallel?

In either case, I can understand your frustration. I love making TOACM and I am very happy to return to conclude the Isle of Terror story line. I hope that you will enjoy it as well. Also, please come back this Friday, December 9th for an all-new installment of the Fan Art Friday series with art by Frank M. Hansen (The Animatic Press)!

Thanks again to all of you returning readers who stuck with me over the break, and welcome to any of you that are new to the strip. I hope you find the escape you are looking for…