I had originally hoped to be back to The Isle of Terror this week, but alas it was not meant to be. Instead, I hope you find this lil comic enjoyable instead. I've had this in "the crank file" since early summer as a fun little one-shot strip so this seemed like the perfect time to dust it off, polish it up, and post it.

  • This strip tips it hat to the amazing funny Looney Tunes cartoon "Duck Amuck" by the legendary Chuck Jones in which Daffy Duck is tormented by a seemingly sadistic, initially unseen animator (Bugs Bunny), who constantly changes Daffy's locations, clothing, voice, physical appearance and even shape. Great stuff!

So the holidays have now come and gone and here we are in 2012. Where does the time go? Crazy.

I was very happy to have had my mom come and stay with us New Year's weekend and I was a little busier than I had thought I would be. It was great having her here in Ann Arbor! I was finally able to take her to the DIA for the day, and Jillian her, and I went downtown to the Michigan Theater and saw "The Artist" as well. What a treat! I loved it! I couldn't help but doodle a sketch of George Valentin the first chance I got!

I'm not typically a movie snob and claim to be some sort of highbrow critic or film connoisseur. Most of the movies I enjoy have stuntman dressed in rubber monster suits or flying saucers held aloft by fishing line. Regardless of the lack of aliens or super villains, "The Artist" had me from the first scene until the very end. Yeah, maybe it was a tad too long, but I forgive it. I felt about George's silent films what many may feel about printed comics and Peppy's "talkies" to digital downloads and iPads -- this coming from a guy who published his comic strip on the internet.
Until next week...enjoy!