Well friends here we are again back on The Isle of Terror after a couple weeks off over the holidays. I hope you liked the Joey-centric intermission. There is a very interesting footnote to be mentioned about this particular strip, it is the first one I digitally toned using my new Wacom tablet. Yup, that's right I finally joined "the now" and got one. Well, the credit all goes to Jillian, she found an awesome deal and made it happen. So the credit is entirely hers.

My hope for the tablet is to speed up the coloring/toning step of the process (which seem's the most laborious IMHO). It's pretty obvious that there's a learning curve but being able to test the waters some with this week's strip gave me hope that this new tool will indeed cut down the production time without sacrificing the quality I want to put into it.

I drew the Checkered Man sketch above in my newly evolving "sketchcard" style over the Christmas holiday and chose it to be the first thing I colored with the tablet. The "sketch" below is my attempt to doodle my layout thumbnails digitally as well. Egad! The sketch below is evidence of such an attempt. Enjoy!

Until next week...