This week's strip was a very challenging one. Since both Squid-Girl and CM have stuff happening simultaneously I was hesitant to keep doing one strip showcasing a single character back and forth. It was important to begin conveying to you (the reader) that these separate events all take place at the same relative time. What's happening to CM in the cave with the ghoul is meatier, with important plot elements to the storyline (and the greater plot of the strip itself) but became a little too "talky" with not much action. Meanwhile, Squid-Girl's arc is all visual. I wanted to show two key elements a) that the smokey specters are emanating from the isle rocks and b) that Squid-Girl's second set of bulbous eyes on the back of her head are fully functional. Did it work? Is that what comes across? Did I do my job as a storyteller or were these elements lost? I'd love to know your thoughts... In the end I opted for some good ol' fashioned voice over to move things along with our new ghoulish friend here doing all the heavy lifting as I finally throw you all a bone and drop some meaty bits of plot in your supper dish. Enjoy!