A scene from today's comic!

Watch out ne're-do-wells of Raleigh, NC for the Checkered Man now still skulks your shadowy rooftops (and late night talk show studios)!

Hello again friends, today our plaid protector continues his guest stint in the webcomic, Woody After Hours! WAH updates three times a week so go read CM's appearances from MondayWednesday and today! Ginchy! Click on the panel above to go take a look!

Today's comic is the last guest appearance for CM for now as Woody and company get ready for the show. But never fear! CM will be back to continue his guest stint soon enough!

At this point I'd really like to thank both Ben and Paul the creative masterminds behind WAH. Ben approached me several months ago about having CM appear on WAH and unfortunately the timing was bad and I had to back out. Luckily the guys were adamant about getting CM on the show and we were able to make all the pieces fit! An extra special kudos goes out to Paul who has had to put up with my prima donna nitpicking and control freakiness over the past week.

Thanks fellas!


PS: I absolutely love this excellent desktop wallpaper Ben and Paul offer up on the WAH Extras page titled Tonight Show Graveyard. Click on the wallpaper to see all the different size options for yourself!