TA-DAH! Is this the end? No, not really. I'm posting one last Isle of Terror strip next week (2/7) as an epilogue (so technically the 13th IoT strip) to bookend the storyline before moving forward. Speaking of moving forward, stay tuned for a very special one-shot Valentine's Day (2/14) comic strip in color! What's that? Yes, you read it right, color! After which we proceed into the Checkered Man's next adventure, Changing of the Guard. Look for the new title card to drop around (2/16) with the first new strip of the series beginning on 2/21!

Also, don't forget that I'll be at the MSU Comics Forum this coming weekend! Last year was an absolute blast and I'm sure with Chad (Sell) and I carpoolling up there adventure will be had! =o) I'll have a new, event exclusive Squid-Girl print to sell of which you can follow the work-in-progress in the blogroll beginning here.

And make sure you come back this Friday to check out this week's super-amazing Fan-Art Friday artist! This one will blow your mind!

Finally, here are a few work-in-progress snapshots from the production of this week's strip: