Sorry this week's strip is a day late. I tried to get it pulled together in time, but the MSU con this past weekend threw me off a little. So the Isle of Terror is winding to a close as we make a drastic time jump forward following CM's epic skeleton punch last episode. Thanks to everyone who contacted me about getting "I punched a skeleton" t-shirts, etc. They are in the works. Stay tuned!


  • Dougy's coffee mug in panel 2 and 9 sport a piece of the logo of the excellent webcomic Superfogeys by Brock Heasley (and currently drawn by Marc Lapierre). Thanks to Brock for use of the logo!
  • Note that in panel 2 CM is enjoying his favorite breakfast cereal, Righty-O's!
  • The Squid-Girl poster we see in panel 4 and 9 was first seen back in TOACM #122 "Subtle" on 5/31/2011
  • The artwork for the Squid-Girl poster is by the uncanny, Jay P. Fosgitt. You should go check out his webcomic Dead Duck, if you're not reading it already.
  • GOOF: In panel 2 Dougy's shirt has bands on the ends of the sleeves, but in later panels it does not. Whoops! =o)

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Thanks everyone! See you next week! Same checkered time, same checkered blog!