Hello friends! It was a wonderful surprise to find that Aaron Colter, of the awesome website Comics Alliance, picked Tales of a Checkered Man as one of the webcomics of the week for 2/12/2012 along with AmazingSuperPowers, Girls with Slingshots, Utopiates, Sci-ence, and Pilli Adventure. Keen!

Check out the write up below:

As creator Denver Brubaker (not his real name) states on the website, Tales of Checkered Man is a love-letter to pulp superhero strips from yesteryear. Brubaker's dedication is obvious, and the entire work has a lot of heart. If you were a fan of The Tick, then this series is probably right up your alley. Heheheh. Alley.

Thank you Aaron and everyone over at CA!


PS: That actually is my real name.