Sorry for the slight delay folks. I appreciate your patience with me getting this week’s TOACM posted. I’d rather take my time and make it the best comic I can rather than just throw something out there that I’m not pleased with.

That being said, let’s take a look at this week’s strip. You may remember that we last saw Sgt. Mulveny way back on 4/7/2011 in TOACM #106 “Pretty Please” where he and Penelope had a little chat in an old diner he bought, with plans to restore it, now that he’s retired.

We also see the (working) logo (top left) for the Exotic City Wildcats football team! Mulveny is a big fan and was quite the football stud back in his youth. I named the team after the classic JSA character, Wildcat, who happens to be a favorite of mine. The Exotic City Wildcats is also the name of my fantasy football team in a league that Brandon (one of our wonderful webmasters) runs.

Thanks again and enjoy!