As you all probably know by now, Jillian and I are moving from Ann Arbor to Chicago and as such, I'm taking a couple weeks off for the relocation.

But fear not my fine friends! I don't want to leave you hanging. During my time away from the strip I've arranged some amazing guest strips from some of the most talented webcomicers on the interweb!

This week's guest strip is brought to us by the delightfully sinister Aidan Casserly of the webcomic, Scapula. For those of you not in the know, Aidan's guest strip here pays homage to a great episode of one the most fantastic TV shows to air IMHO, Batman: The Animated Series. In particular it refers to one of the most universally beloved episodes of the series called Almost Got 'Im which was written by the amazing Paul Dini and features the timeless line "it was a big rock" which was given to Joey above. Brilliant!