Hello again everyone! It's me, writing to you from the Windy City! Jillian and I are all moved and we're getting settled in. We love it here and are so happy we made this choice to move here. And check out my new view from my drawing table! Woot!

I'd like to thank all the great folks who helped me out during the move by lending their talents to TOACM in the form of their guest strips, especially Mr. Jay Fosgitt. I forgot to type up a nice little write up to accompany Jay's guest strip last week in all the moving commotion! Sorry Jay! So just go read Jay's awesome webcomic DEAD DUCK and love his artwork already!

This week's strip/splash page adds a little more info and mystery into the plot and provides a refresher for the overall mood of the Changing of the Guards chapter in the Tales of a Checkered Man!

See you next week!