For those of you who may not remember, our hero and his roommate (Dougy) had this great idea (in "Brainstorm" from 3/15/11) that CM needed a utility belt to aid him in his war against crime. Included in said accessory was a slingshot and some marbles. The slingshot has come in handy from time to time, and no more so than this!

Progress on the TOACM volume 1 collection continues. I must say that its tough looking at those early strips compared to these most recent ones. Oh well. You gotta start somewhere right? So I have decided against going back and doing any serious artwork alterations to any strips beyond an obvious edit here and there. I'm fighting the urge to re-draw anything.

That being said, the book will NOT be just a collection of the strips already posted online. I am making some minor changes to dialogue or word balloon placement to improve readability as well as improve (and maybe subsequently clarify) the overall narrative. Keep in mind that when I started TOACM there really wasn't any intention for a long-form narrative. The goal is to give you the reader a more cohesive and complete TOACM story.

Also, those of you with a keen eye and exceptional taste may have noticed a little cameo in this week's strip... No? Well try the lower left hand corner of the first panel to see one of the little bugs from Adam Huber's great webcomic, Bug (

That's it for this week folks. Enjoy!