Years ago Exotic City was the target of a deliberate and devastating attack, by the super villain known as The Orb, the effects of which would resonate for years to come.

The Orb was a well-known criminal mastermind with a flair for the dramatic who came to blows with beloved hero Capitol Hill on several occasions. The Orb had all but disappeared after his previous defeat and many even believed the villain dead prior to his attack on Exotic.

During his nefarious career, The Orb never achieved a level of infamy among the upper echelon of villainy; a subject which irked him immensely. As he attempted to achieve attention and respect the egocentric criminal’s plots grew more and more lavish as well as hopelessly complicated. So much so that they were almost doomed to fail. In an interview Capitol Hill was once quoted as saying, “He (The Orb) always defeated himself before I even threw a single punch.”

Ironically, in the end, The Orb’s final campaign was far more simple and direct and easily the most ruthless.

Near the heart of downtown Exotic City, The Orb cemented his legacy by ending the life of Capitol Hill, the man he obsessed over and considered his nemesis. More so, he killed the symbol of the best of American superheroics. In doing so he not only extinguished the flame of one of the world’s most beloved superheroes, but set into motion a movement of distrust and ill will toward caped crusaders in general.

It took Exotic City years to recover from the destruction. City officials wondered if by allowing masked crime-fighters to operate in the city they perhaps unintentionally invited dangerous villains, like The Orb, to the city and thus increased the likelihood of such a catastrophe to happen again. It was this thought that birthed the Capitol Hill Act, named in honor of the fallen legend, which labeled superhero activity as an act of vigilantism and a serious felony.

The plan was a success.

With no colorful heroes to fight or match wits with, the equally colorful villains sought their opponents elsewhere. All was well in Exotic City…until now…