Whew! Where to start! There are lots of refs to previous TOACM comics in this one folks as everything I’ve been building for the past couple years begins to come to a head. So enjoy this ref map and the key below!

A) Inspector Tracy's "other methods" were brought up a couple weeks ago in "Idiot Wind" on 5/16/12.

B) This criminal here and his comrades call themselves The Crime Gang and yes, they did "work over" our hero beginning back in "The Crime Gang Cometh pt.2" back on 6/16/11

C) Indeed he did "disappear" at the conclusion of the Newsflash story line in "The Crime Gang Cometh pt.6" on 6/30/11. The Crime Gang (based on Criminal's word) thought this vigilante had no super powers, but now they feel differently. Even though we all know it wasn't our hero who teleported himself away (he can't do that) as it was Escape Goat's magic portal spell that transported him to the Isle of Terror at Squid-Girl's request.

D) Yup. Joey and Gus ran into the Crime Gang a couple weeks back on 5/23/12 in "Don't Think Twice".

E) Both of these notations lead to the same recent strip "My Back Pages" on 5/30/12 where CM KOd the Crime Gang with his trusty slingshot. Joey was taking Gus to rendezvous with CM when the Crime Gang jumped them. Luckily they'd already arrived and CM was hiding out in the dumpster in the alley.

F) This one goes all the way back to "Headlines pt.1" from 4/12/11 where our hero (or at least an "artists interpretation" of the hero) and Gus' story make the front page of the Exotic City Star tabloid. Not exactly the front page she was hoping for.

G) Indeed she did. Gus went so far as to hire Criminal to stage a mugging in the hopes to lure out the Exotic City vigilante so that she might see him with her own eyes and maybe grab a quote or two. This all began back in "Sniper" from 4/26/11.

Whew! hope that all makes some sense to you! See you next week as the Changing of the Guard marches on!