Hello again friends! This week's strip almost never happened. That's right, this strip was never written into the story outline of Changing of the Guard until two weekends ago as I was working on last week's "All the Tired Horses".

That's because the idea wasn't mine, it was (my fiancee) Jillian's.

Originally the final panel in last week's strip was to be a drawing of CM getting clocked over the head, but as I fussed with the pencils of the panel I started to feel like it looked to redundant and I talked over which she liked better the drawing of him getting hit or the idea of the big old "KONK" blurb/panel (which I went with). Then she suggested a "you know what would be cool" moment describing the scene you see above. I was totally taken by the idea right away and knew that I HAD to draw this silent strip that showed some of the inner turmoil in our hero's troubled mind. Seeing as she knows what is coming next in the story, and how it ends, this made perfect sense and really helped to enrich the meat of what's coming down the line in the next few weeks.

So I ask you friends and readers, if you dig this week's strip, please send a little comment love Jillian's way, she deserves the credit for this great idea!

Until next week.