Oh man! Our hero is just getting on everyone's bad side isn't he?

This comic is posting a little late as the last-minute rush to finish my latest batch of Marvel sketchcards for Rittenhouse winds down. I appreciate your patience and hope this week's comic was worth the wait.

I will be posting a summer schedule change here in a few days after the craziness of Comic Con has subsided early next week so please be on the lookout for that.

Last week on July 4th I was invited to attend a cool event at Art Baltazar's Aw Yeah comics shop in Skokie, IL where he announced that he and Franco are launching a new all-ages comic series called Aw Yeah Comics! AYC will kind of be an anthology book as it will feature a rotating pool of contributes though the book itself will focus on their AYC mascots Action Cat and Adventure Bug. I'm happy to announce that I was invited to contribute to the series which launches in September. Aw yeah!

Well, that's all for this week.