First let me apologize to you all for the tardiness of this strip. This comic was indeed due last week, but quite frankly I spent every second of my production time completing my latest set of Marvel sketchcards for Rittenhouse and took the next couple days off for some much needed R&R. I’d hoped to post this strip a day late, but alas the efforts were hasty and shoddy and I was not satisfied, so I decided to call the week a loss rather than force a half-hearted strip.

As such, the summer schedule change I just posted last week will be revised slightly and pushed back one week. Next week will indeed be the last new TOACM for about a month or so. See the edited post here for more details.

If you are in the Chicago, IL area this coming weekend, come join me at Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie as I hang out with Art Baltazar, Franco, and some more cool comic-making folks at the inaugural Kids Make Comics event! Promises to be a fun day! Don’t be shy! Come say hello!