Dr. Daniel Lampham is a character I'd hoped to get into the webcomic eventually and I'm happy that this comic marks his debut. The doc was co-created by myself and Friend-of-the-Checkered Man Joe George. Joe and I worked together back in the early-mid 00's on a couple TOACM minicomics and doc here appeared in issue #2 "Chemistry". Originally doc was a pediatrician who is mistaken by several evil mad scientist types as one of their kind (the "Pediatrician of Doom"). Here, doc is instead the chief physician at the Sunnydale Home for the Not-So-Normal-Minded.

This script was a bear to write and I hope it came together nicely for you. As always, I'd love to hear your comments.


  • The Sunnydale Home for the Not-So-Normal-Minded was first referenced way back in TOACM #087 "Sunnydale" from 2/8/2011.
  • Panel 1: The third (unreadable) line on the sign in the lower right reads, "A part of the CHETCO. corporation".
  • Panel 2:  Though un-named here, this character is Dr. Daniel Lampham who first appeared in TOACM #2 "Chemistry part 1" (2004).
  • Panel 3: This is a shot from the Orb's assault on Exotic City. Here Capitol Hill and Hurricane Jones fight alongside members of the ECPD against Orb's drones a midst the rubble.
  • Note: Capitol Hill was killed by the Orb during his assault on Exotic City. Liberty Park was developed on the sight of the final battle. The Capitol Hill memorial statue central to this story line was erected at the heart of the park to commemorate the fallen hero.


I mentioned that this strip was a bear to produce from the script to the final artwork. Check out the pics below to see the differences from the pencils and inks to the final product, especially the configuration of the panels themselves!

See you next week!