Cartoonist Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred) wrote a really eye-opening article over at the Webcomics Alliance dissecting the traditional "webcomics model" and her own webcomic's place within said model. It's honest and brave and (I feel) might be the single most important piece of journalism published regarding webcomics this year.

Zorphbert and Fred wasn’t a webcomic when I started it in 2006. Actually, I had no idea webcomics were a “thing”. I figured people may post them online if they, you know, wanted to give their stuff away for free. I had no clue anyone could effectively monetize their comic online, especially without the help of a syndicate. Going it along was a long, hard, and pretty much impossible road. Really, it still is with webcomics and the odds are just as poor…

So, Maybe Zorphbert & Fred Doesn’t Make A Good Webcomic.

For you fellow creators out there, if you haven't read this piece yet, please do so. It's a discussion that needs to happen. I know it opened my eyes...the floor is open creators and readers! Leave a comment to discuss and continue the conversation!

Click on the graphic above or click here for the full article: