This week’s comic has been one I've been itching to get to for some time—ever since I first mapped out this story arc. I hope you've been enjoying the new comics that have come along these past few weeks. The third act of Changing of the Guard is upon us!


PANEL 1: Weston and Mulveny go way back--they were rookies together. Weston uses Mulveny’s nickname “Murph” here greeting the old friend informally. However, Mulveny’s reply “Weston” (the inspector’s last name), keeps things a little more formal between him and his old friend. This is probably due to him harboring some resentment for being a proxy and asked to retire following the Dark Cloud Incident back in TOACM #69 “Internal Affairs” from 12/9/10 – an order carried out by Weston himself!

PANEL 2: Changing of the Guard began with Weston, as well as Inspectors Tracy and Pembleton, chasing both the Checkered Man and Gus as seen in TOACM #151 “Never Gonna Be the Same Again” from 2/28/12. Mulveny has been harboring Gus and CM since TOACM #152 “Tangled up in Blue” from 3/7/12.

PANEL 3: When Weston says “the law is the law” he’s referring to the Capitol Hill Act which outlawed superhero activity in Exotic City following (and named for) the tragic death of the legendary superhero Capitol Hill. A memorial statue was raised for the hero, commemorating his sacrifice, at the heart of Liberty Park at the spot when he was killed. It was there that CM saw a shadowy doppleganger (or did he?) and followed it into the park back in TOACM #155 & #156. In TOACM #157 “Series of Dreams” from 5/9/12, our hero once again* has a supernatural encounter with his childhood hero, the deceased Capitol Hill, who warns him of a terrible danger and urges him to seek out the aid of an old ally. This encounter urges CM to seek out Gus’ help in the first place and sets the storyline’s events into motion.

PANEL  5: When last we saw out hero a couple strips ago in TOACM #178 “Not Dark Yet” he was lamenting his current situation and being comforted by Penelope while Mulveny phoned Weston.

*CM had a vision of Capitol Hill while being knocked unconscious during the Dark Cloud Incident back in TOACM #58, and again while reading his old Capitol Hill comic books in the three-part “America Idol” comics here, here, and here.

Tune in next week as the plot thickens (even more, can you believe it)!