When I got this guest strip in my email I was conflicted. On one hand, it’s awesome! And even awesomer (that's a word now) that Don says it was inspired by Dick Tracy! Aw yeah! Now, I've only recently gotten to know Don and have only just begun to follow his work over on Road Apples Almanac, but I’m already a big fan! It’s just so flattering when someone takes time out of their busy life/schedule to produce something like this for you. Which leads me to the other hand...I was also terribly bummed out. Not bummed out because I didn't like the strip, bummed out because I wasn't sure when I’d get a chance to post it! I've put myself on something of a tight schedule and it wasn't looking life this would probably post until AFTER Changing of the Guard wrapped several weeks down the road...blurg...

However, I found myself a little under the gun this week--I started stressing out! Then it hit me! This is exactly what guest strips like this are for! Don not only did me a solid by surprising me with this beaut—but he also saved my bacon and helped me out of a jam too! Thank you, sir!

Please make sure to go check out Don’s excellent work over at roadapplesalmanac.com!

Until next week!