I hope you all enjoyed last week’s awesome guest strip by Don Ahe! Well, I’m back and I’m not gonna yap on too much ‘cause there’s plenty of footnotes to get to! So, without further ado…


Panel 1: Gus and the Checkered Man have been telling Mulveny the story behind how they ended up on the run from the ECPD since TOACM #153 “Shelter From the Storm”.

Panel 2: Gus left her apartment to head down to the park to look for clues in TOACM #173 “You Go Your Way”.

Panel 2: Tracy is referring to Pembleton’s hand wound sustained in her tussle with the Checkered Man in TOACM #166 “Outlaw Blues”.

Panel 4: Gus’ phone ringer is the 80’s classic “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. This was my fiancé’s phone ringer for years.

Panel 4: You may or may not also recognize the internet-famed Nyan Cat meme as Gus’s phone wallpaper.

Panel 4: Gus’ phone looks very similar to a certain Mac product in our world, but in the TOACM universe is a product of Idea Inc. This eye symbol is their company logo. More on them later…

Panel 5-8: Before Gus left for the park, she left Joey the Sloth back at her place to wait for news from the Checkered Man (who’d disappeared in TOACM #163 “All the Tired Horses”). Before his bath, Joey cooked a big ol’ breakfast for himself in TOACM #167 “Hard Rain”.

That's all this week folks! Tune in next week for Odds & Ends part 2 as the third act of our story unfolds! Also, stay tuned to the blog as I'll be announcing the pre-order for the TOACM vol.1 book soon!