Hello all. I know some of you are probably wondering…haven’t I seen this strip already?

The answer is: yes.

You have seen it before, or at least the original version of the strip—this was the first strip after my summer break back in September 2012. As you can see (by reading the original post which accompanied this entry below) I knew this moment came toward the end of the story, but I wanted to return from hiatus with a bang. Flash forward almost seven months later and I find myself at the point in the story where this strip SHOULD have gone…so I tweaked the text a little and am re-posting it here today as something of a refresher.

So does that mean no new strip this week? NO WAY! In fact, tune in TOMORROW for the all new strip! Aw yeah! And don’t forget to catch up with the last few weeks so you can be all caught up…we’re getting closer and closer to the end…  

Originally published 9/26/2012

Welcome back!

It's been a while, but we're back with all new Tales of a Checkered Man comics for you to enjoy (hopefully)! First, let me say thank you to all of you long-standing readers out there who have stuck with me over the break, your loyalty is much appreciated. Secondly, I'd like to welcome all the new readers who may be discovering TOACM for the first time--it's nice to have you on board!

So this strip begins the second part of the Changing of the Guard story line. I know the storytelling has been choppy as I flash back and forth from the then and now. It's a little confusing like watching the later seasons of Lost or something especially since with this strips we forward to a very important scene near the end of the story! I definitely wanted to start things off with a splashy bang! I hope you approve...



2012-09-26-Bound-to-Lose_INKSHere's some WIP artwork for ya! This is a shot of the scanned inks before I clean it up in Photoshop and begin toning and lettering. As the weeks tick by I've been inking my comics more completely. In the past I used to rely more on toning and Photoshop to make some of the work more dynamic.

However, in the case of this strip I intentionally left the big hand and pistol in panel two un-shaded. I wanted to mess around with different lighting/shading on those elements to see which effect I liked best. After a few takes I decided upon this one which is more of a rim-lighting take.

That's it for this week! I'd love to read your comments and thoughts on the story thus far!