120x240Hello friends and welcome back! The last couple weeks have been kind of a little rough around TOACM Central. With C2E2 just around the corner (i.e. NEXT WEEK) a lot of my time and attention has been pulled in lots of different directions. Last week’s strip TOACM #183 was a couple days late due to quality issue with the original art which required some re-do’s. This week’s all herky-jerky because of the re-posting of TOACM #169 which bridges the gap between last week and this week’s strip. Weird and confusing I know…trust me…but regardless, here we are.


  • PANEL 1: Pembleton was asked to wait in the car outside while Weston went inside the diner to arrest CM.
  • PANEL 1: CM has gotten away from Pembleton (and the ECPD) now a total of three times in this story. The first instance occurred when we first see Gus and CM fleeing Weston, Tracy, and Pembleton in TOACM #151 and #152. The cause for this chase was recently revealed by Gus in TOACM #183 as she brought the backstory full circle. The second escape came after CM and Pembleton’s encounter in Liberty Park on Hero Day morning in TOACM #166. CM sneaking out of the diner after his talk with Penelope before Weston arrived to arrest him (during the events of TOACM #178, #179, and #180) would technically be the third.
  • PANEL 2: CM is specifically referring to his encounter with Pembleton in Liberty Park in TOACM #166.
  • PANEL 2 & 3: CM and Pembleton get in a brief tussle in TOACM #166 when she attempts to arrest him. CM noticed her hand was bleeding. This is the injury he is referring to in panel 2, and what she responds to in panel 3.
  • PANEL 4: [top secret]

Thanks again everyone for tuning in! Please make sure to stop by my table (K4) at C2E2 next weekend to say "hello" and pick up TOACM vol.1! Woot!