This strip is dedicated to Wade Gleason.

Gone too soon. Rest in peace. 

IMG_0751Hello friends and welcome to another week of checkered goodness! Everything has been bananas pre, during, and post C2E2 that I just can't even wrap my head around it all! What an experience! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table and said hello! Thanks also to everyone who bought copies of the book! I had no expectations going into the con, so needless to say we were all really pleasantly surprised by the reception and sales of the book.

ASIDE: Speaking of, all you great folks who pre-ordered the book should start to see your orders arriving soon! =o)

On top of all the TOACM goodness, C2E2 was also the debut of Art and Franco's AW YEAH COMICS #1 and #2! I have the privilege of having a page in each of these two issues (and more to come). If you want your own copies, let your LCS know. You can also download the first issue on Comixology under Mark Waid's Thrillbent store here: Aw yeah man!


As for this week's strip...well, I'll let it speak for itself...