Checkered Man color guideWe’re back!

Welcome to the first of 12 new TOACM comics which serve as the finale to the Changing of the Guard story arc! I sure hope you enjoy it!

It has been far too long since the last installment (TOACM #190). What can I say? Life happens. But I don’t want to dwell on what has (or hasn't  transpired in the past. Instead I want to use this space to talk about what’s coming in the near future.

Today’s comic (TOACM #191) is the first of twelve new comics. Yup--twelve! All of them are 100% completed and already uploaded. This means that there will be no more production delays (ie no more breaks) again for the remainder of this TOACM adventure. Sound good? Great!

It’s true, this chapter has run on longer than I wanted, so as a thank you to everyone who has hung around, I’m releasing these twelve new comics THREE PER WEEK for the next four weeks!

Sure, I could stretch it out and keep with the normal one/week method and string this storyline out for another twelve weeks, but that means it wouldn’t wrap until mid-December and that’s something I just don’t want to do. I considered two per week, but in the end I wanted to try something new and so three-a-week shall be!

It’s important to me to give you readers (old or new) a swift and fulfilling conclusion to this ongoing chapter (which is planned to be collected into TOACM vol.4).

I hope you enjoy the run, see you Wednesday! =o)