Joey the Sloth color guideIn case you missed it, I was a guest out at DAN CON on 9/21 in Orland Park, IL. Dan Con has been around for a few years now but the show always occurred in the spring. However, due to the success they've experienced, this year they expanded to include an autumn show as well. I had a blast, and here are some of my thoughts...

First, Dan and Amy were excellent hosts and organizers. The show was clean, the layout succinct, and the communication between the staff and myself was very efficient. I really dig how they pushed the family-friendly, all-ages vibe and steered away from having skeevy “adult” content being presented.

Secondly, with no “big name” celebrity signings it felt like the attendees were folks who actually came to the show looking for comics! This tends to be an issue at larger shows who use flashy celebrities as a way to get people in the door--a formula that works well for attendance purposes, but sometimes leaves the creators high and dry. Celebrity autograph hounds, especially those who might not read comics, don’t tend to stop and look much at artist’s tables, so the lack of these types of fans meant I sold a lot of TOACM and Aw Yeah Comics than I originally anticipated.

Thirdly, I was able to have a lot of great conversations and interactions with the people who did stop by the table. It’s great to be able to meet and chat with established TOACM or AYC readers as well as create all-new readers too. Nifty!

If you missed the show, fear not, 2014 promises yet another round of spring and fall shows so mark your calendars and enjoy a couple pics from the show below!

See you Friday!