TOACM_Color Guide_PenelopeIf you enjoyed today’s comic, then I promise you definitely don’t want to miss the next TOACM strip on Monday 10/7!  That’s all I’m gonna say about that…

And now for something completely different: its official, I’ve begun pre-production on the second TOACM print collection Fallout. Volume 2 picks up right where vol.1 left off and deals with the aftermath of the Dark Cloud Incident and takes us right up through the beginning of the Isle of Terror.

As with volume one, I will be editing the previously published TOACM comics that make up this story and adding all-new comics to help flesh out the story. I’m pretty excited about some of the stuff I have planned. Though I’m still in the early stages or the planning and writing the new comics and writing all of the edits to the old strips I really feel like I’m expounding upon the themes and mystery and humor in the groundwork I’ve already laid down.

Volume two will feature two more chapters in the Tales of a Checkered Man--Chapter 3 Fallout and Chapter 4 Newsflash. This next book will also feature a few more pages of comics as well as a fun bonus comic that will once again help shape the history of the TOACM universe. I’m currently collaborating on this with my friend, and former TOACM writer (2003-2004), Joe George. If you dig TOACM—you’re gonna dig this!

Currently, volume two is planned to be released at C2E2 (in April of next year).