Picture1You may or may not know this about me, but I have always been an ink on paper kind of “traditionalist” when it came to making TOACM. Not that I was ever opposed to drawing/inking digitally, I just never saw it as an avenue I wanted to pursue—especially considering the cost of the equipment involved.

Now, I've had a Bamboo tablet for a while now and while I used it frequently to color/tone, I could never work past the "disconnect" I felt between the tablet and the screen.

Well, that changed for me a few months back. In August I found a helluva deal on eBay for a Motion Computing LE1700 tablet PC. Though an older model machine, it was recommended to me by my buddy Jim Anderson (who also recommended it to our friend Chad Sell) as an affordable alternative to the high-priced machines out there. I was much more willing to invest a couple hundred dollars on the LE1700 than a couple grand on a Cintiq.

I love the LE1700! Especially once I installed Manga Studio EX 5. I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since! All of these twelve new TOACM comics were created on the LE1700 in MS5EX. The learning curve was minimal. Trust me, if I can’t plug in a tech gadget and have it work right away, I’ll hate it. I’m not a techie at all.

MS was very intuitive and I was digging the results I was getting, plus it cut my production time down from about 8 hours per strip to like 4-5. A huge difference! While some may scoff at the small screen on the LE1700, to me it’s a huge plus. Small means portable, and I can throw this thing in my backpack and work on the go, including my commute to and from work. That’s about two hours a day I’m getting to make comics that I didn’t have before!

I’m by no means encouraging you to go digital. It still even feels a little like cheating IMHO, but for right now, in the place I’m at, I think I’ll play this hand for a while.

See you Monday!