Hero-Envy-Cap-vs-Wolvierine2"Good artists borrow, great artists steal"

It’s widely believed that Pablo Picasso uttered these infamous words to which I use (not that I'm calling myself a great artist or anything so narcissistic) to call myself out on in regards to today’s TOACM comic.

If you didn't know it already, Jack Kirby is one of my favorite cartoonists. There’s nothing else I can say to speak of his crucial importance in the lexicon of comics—the subject has been documented at length by wiser folks than myself, so I shall spare you such ramblings.

Instead I’d like to talk about today’s comic strip. Of all of these new 12 comics that finish off the Changing of the Guard this one took the longest to produce. I wanted Tracy and Pembleton’s fight scene to be (mostly) contained to a single strip (though things did get started in TOACM #197). That means I wanted to economize the action without diminishing its impact. Everything I was drawing felt flat and forced so I turned to look at other cartoonists who I felt best encapsulated the spirit I was looking for. Among many of his other strengths—Kirby is a master of this! He’s usually one of the first people I turn to for reference/help when I’m stuck on a panel/layout.

In my research I found this fantastic page (if you Google “Jack Kirby Captain America” it’s one of the first dozen images that pop up) that exemplified everything I wanted my fight scene to be! It is elegantly choreographed yet retains all of the brute force you need out of a super-hero slug-fest.

Today’s comic is a loving tribute and, more than a little bit of, homage to the legendary Jack Kirby: King of Comics!

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The king is dead, long live the king!