I’m so glad people have reacted so well to Exotic City’s resident news anchorman, Bob Bobly. He’s a TOACM character I created so long ago (mid to late 1990’s) who has only recently begun to see the light of day in the comics themselves.  

When I first finished TOACM #191-#202 around mid-September I chose to show them to a friend, fellow cartoonist and TOACM reader to get some feedback on the strips. I was kind of surprised when the one strip they most reacted most to was this one. “Wow,” they said. “I did not see that coming.” Now I’m not going to tell you what “that” is because I don’t want to sway you one way or the other. I’m not here to pick it apart any more than I already have when I made the comics. I’ll let you be the judge, but it sure was great hearing a respected peer “get” one the subtle underlying elements I’d been building toward and their subsequent “geeking out” over what this meant for the future of the Checkered Man and his crime-fighting career.


PS: Below is the full, un-obscured "above the fold" cover of the front page of the Exotic City Times used as a background graphic in panel 3. Enjoy!