Cartoonist Denver Brubaker grew up in Mears, MI where he spent a lot of time drawing, watching cartoons, and daydreaming. As an adult, not much has changed. If he were not a cartoonist; he thinks it would have been cool to be a paleontologist who traveled the world and had awesome adventures like Indiana Jones. He lives in Chicago, IL with his fiancee Jillian and their dog Roxy. Denver is the creator of the comic Tales of a Checkered Man and works as a freelance cartoonist/illustrator for both private clients and companies such as Marvel Comics/Rittenhouse Archives, Upper Deck/Fleer, Cryptozoic Entertainment, and Aw Yeah Publishing.

If you are interested in hiring Denver for your next creative project, please email him at


  • Aw Yeah Publishing
    • Aw Yeah Comics #1-7
    • Christopher Daniels & Kazarian wrestle Aw Yeah Comics!
  • Dark Horse Comics
    • (upcoming -- 10/29/14) Battlepug Volume 3: Sit. Stay. Die!
    • (upcoming -- 9/3/14) Aw Yeah Comics! And . . . Action!
  • Image Comics
    • Hoax Hunters Volume 3: The Book of Mothman
    • Hoax Hunters #10
  • Marvel Comics/Rittenhouse Archives
    • Marvel Universe 2014 sketch cards
    • Women of Marvel series 2 sketch cards
    • Sgt Fury sketch cards
    • Marvel's Greatest Battles sketch cards
    • Marvel: Bronze Age sketch cards
    • Marvel 2012 Greatest Heroes sketch cards
    • Marvel Universe 2011 sketch cards
  • Fleer/Upper Deck
    • Fleer Retro Marvel sketch cards
  • Self-published
    • Tales of a Checkered Man Volume 1: Begins