• I will be tabling at the MSU COMICS FORUM at the end of the month in Lansing, MI. Click the link for more details:
  • I will also be tabling again this year at C2E2 right here in Chicago. Click the link for more details:
  • I will have new prints at conventions this year. I will have large 11x17 digital prints of both my back cover pin-up of Daring and Darling Dog from the back cover of AW YEAH COMICS #6 as well as my pin-up of the HOAX HUNTERS from issue #13. Both pieces were colored by Jim Anderson (Ellie on Planet X). Approx. cost will be $10ea. These prints will be available at conventions only.
  • TOACM is undergoing a “reboot”. The comic will continue in some way, shape, or form in the near future though not as a weekly serialized webcomic.
  • The TOACM vol.2 collection has been cancelled.