TOACM#190 previewI bet most of you forgot all about Inspector Tracy didn't you? We've seen him in flashback a couple times, but in the present we last saw him in TOACM #162 "Man on the Street". The events of which tie directly into TOACM #185 "Restless Farewell" and this week's strip as well. of course the whole deal with the criminal from the Crime Gang (also seen in the lower art of panel 1 here) and faking a crime to lure CM out into the open hearkens waaaaay back to when Gus first pulled the stunt in TOACM #112. How's that for a call back?

I hope you're continuing to enjoy the third act of Changing of the Guard and will stick with us for the next few weeks until we wrap it up in TOACM #200! 

Two hundred strips? Whoa!