When I first conceived of the Isle of Terror story arc I laid out a regimented schedule that broke the chapter down into 12 parts/comics. Then last summer/autumn happened and that schedule got shot down. So when I began to rev up for the relaunch in December I revisited the layouts and scripts I'd devised and found them a little underwhelming. I decided to go with my gut and throw the schedule out the window, this story would evolve organically and I would know when the time was right to wrap it up.

That time is now.


  • The name of the skeletal ghoul, Castro is in tribute to the character referred to as "old Castro" in the The Call of Cthulhu.
  • The isle of black rock's real name is, C'rderf, as was previously mentioned in The Isle of Terror part 1 (TOACM #134 7/12/2011). It spells the name, Fredric when reversed (with the letter "i" in place of the apostrophe). Reverse the name of the Dark One as well and combine these two words together for a fun Easter Egg.

Stay tuned for our special Valentine's Day themed comic on 2/14 followed by the beginning of the Checkered Man's next adventure, Changing of the Guard beginning on 2/21!